One of the best things about running your own handmade business is trying out new product creations. Sometimes, the recipe doesn’t quite work out as planned, but every “failure” gives you plenty of lessons for the next attempt, OR can be turned into something wonderful.

Recently, I tried a soap bar recipe idea I had that didn’t really work out as planned. The resulting product was dry and crumbly, but still smelled great and had a very good lather to it. Not wanting to toss it out simply because it didn’t work as one type of product, I decided to use the failed batch to test out a couple of other product ideas – bubble bath powder and a whipped sugar soap scrub.

The bubble bath powder has potential, but not with the soap loaf I was working with. This will be shelved for a more intentional look and experiment later.

The whipped sugar soap, however, worked out so much better than I could have dreamed! Turns, out, dry and crumbly soap is the perfect base for melting down with a few other ingredients and then whipping them all together. The end product is fluffy, has great exfoliating and cleansing properties, smells amazing, and lathers wonderfully. So happy to turn a “failure” into a success!

I made up a whole batch of 8oz and 4oz jars, kept one for myself, gave one to my kids, and put the rest in the Etsy shop. Here’s the link if you’d like to check them out. I think this product type is going to stay for a long time, and I have several other scent options in mind, so stay tuned for more!