Our Story

Honey Bear Soaps was started by a wife and husband out of western Washington. With a bust household of daytime jobs, 3 children, and several pets and farm animals, it became increasingly difficult to worry ourselves with what was in the products we were putting on our skin and hair – but not less important.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2021, which came with a large set of skin sensitivities annd allergies. After a long process of allergy patch and prick testing, the list of my allergens to avoid came back, and I was dismayed to realize it meant I was basically allergice to every traditional skincare ingredient on the general market. Lanolin, CAPB, nickel sulfate, and fragrance were just a few on the list. These ingredients alone are in almost every soap, bodywash, shampoo, and lotion you can buy at most stores. Even most products listed for sensitive skin are off the table for me, because CAPB is an ingredient specifically used in most “mild” products for sensitive skin (think baby wash or no tears shampoo.)

What’s more, my skin developed an intense rash that was itchy, red, and bumpy. I was desperate to find relief that didn’t involve yet more prescription drugs or creams.

Enter my research on natural ingredients and their benefit to my specific issues. Then, I wentt further into researching how these ingredients could be used in soap and/or skincare products made at home. Turns out, it not only can be done – it’s has already been successfully done by others and even studied.

I began by making an all-natural soap bar specifically targeted to help those with eczema and psoriasis that didn’t contain ANY of the ingredients that are common irritants to those of us with extremely sensitive skin. Having other friends and family members who suffer from these skin conditions test out the product, as well as testing it out on myself, proved that I had finally found something that could provide relief without synthetic ingredients and without a prescription. I knew I was onto something and had to continue.

Since then, my husband and I have both contributed to the recipe formulation and testing of various products, and only bring those that meet our high standard of approval to the Etsy marketplace. Meanwhile, my woodworking husband continues to create unique tools and mold for our soap and shampoo bar products!

We also agreed very early on inn the process that we wanted to use only natural ingredients (and organic where possible) that can be RESPONSIBLY sourced. Responsibly means locally produced where possible. If it’s not possible to get certain ingredients locally, then we seek out fair trade products that are not involved in deforestation or subjugation. We do no use palm oil in any products, and any animal products used in some soaps ONLY come from local farms where animal welfare is a priority.

We do not do any animal testing. All product testing is done by ourselves and/or friends and family who agree to the process. And we hold community, human welfare, and the planet’s welfare as top priorities in our daily operations.